What's in my bag?

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Today I'll be showing you what's in my handbag, I know I enjoy a good nose in other peoples bags so I thought maybe you would to. 

I'll start by telling you and showing you what handbag I use, it's the Lizzie Animal print in pink from Pauls boutique London and it cost £65.

Pauls Botique - £65

I don't think you can get this on the website any more, I think I've had it for over a year now. There use to be a purse sold separately to match this I think it cost around £26.

The bag has one large compartment that is secured with a zip and a clasp, the photo's below show what I mean by clasp I don't know the actually name for this. It has a loop on the outside for your keys but I wouldn't put mine on it someone may try to steal them. Inside as I said it has a large compartment with a zip pocket at the back and a phone pocket at the front. 

With it having a large compartment I tend to put loads of rubbish in there, as you'll soon see.

In the Picture above I have my pill dispenser as  I have a memory like a sieve and If I didn't have this I would forget to take my tablets. Also in the picture is a rose quartz stone, some tissues, hair elastics, an out of date passport and chewing gum that I don't like. What I do like is the Nivea Lip Butter in raspberry, It smells absolutely delicious. 

In the above picture are the more unusual things in my bag. I have a Yorkshire Terrier called Charlie (he's not in my bag) so I have to carry certain things, poo bags (empty of course) a fold-able dog bowl for water and a Pets At Home receipt. 

Next I have a blue sequined hat from New look, a Paul Smith scarf with skulls on,  a pink comb, a cameo style ring and two purses. The Tuxedo cat purse is for notes and cards, I got that from Play.com and the owl one is for my coins I got that from Ebay.

I have lots of unnecessary receipts in my bag, a flower carrier bag, some tissues, a penny, an asthma inhaler, painkillers and some Carex wipes.

I have some more of that chewing gum I don't like, but also the chewing gum I do like, the Extra white bubble-mint flavour, this one is my favourite.

In this picture I have three pens one of which is broke, some more stones a white one and another rose quartz one, a pink USB stick, a swiss army knife (be prepared, dib, dib, dib, dob,dob,dob) and my Ipod.

Here I have my keys and several key-ring's. a Christmas tree one I have on all year long, a I love cheese one, a couple I got from different zoos, a monkey trolley token, a Las Vegas Betty Boop keyring with my name on it and two key-ring's with photos of me and Mr Honeybee on.

Last but not least, I have my Betty Boop glasses case and iphone with a Headcase  pink phone cover with a Panda on.

Well, that's everything I had in my bag I hope you enjoyed having a look at what I carry around. Have you done a "What's in my bag?" if you have leave me a link in the comments below, I'd love to have a look.

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Thanks for reading.
Melissa (Honeybee Chatter) xx

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