Styles From The Past- 1992-1997

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Today I'm going to take you back, back to my fashion of the past, starting in 1992 - 1997. 

Lets start with this bobby-dazzler, here I'm wearing a black and white buttoned flowery skirt and black and white stripy crop top. Look at that belly! It's not looked like that for a long time. The skirt use to be too big as well it was always spinning round my waist. The photo was taken on a family day trip to Southport.

Here I am again sporting that crop top, only this time I teamed it up with a black mini skirt. I'm also wearing a pair of black jelly shoes which have just come back in fashion! I won't be buying a pair now though. This photo was taken in Menorca on a family holiday.

This was taken on the same holiday to Menorca. I'm wearing a black and white crop top to cover my modesty and a turquoise silk butterfly dress I bought from Topshop. I loved that dress, they were all the rage back then.

In this photo I'm at a school disco sat on one of those wooden chairs that use to rip your tights. I'm wearing a red satin mini skirt and a top that says Re-active that I got from Miss Selfridge.

Wow! I could have won fashion icon of the year for this outfit. I chose to wear these jeans, a funny green shirt and space sunglasses to Alton Towers. I had those Glasses because Ronan from Boyzone had some, dear oh dear.

I thought I'd throw this one of me at school In for a giggle. I have my bright orange Addidas jacket on. Two of my friends had them to, one in luminous yellow and one in luminous green. We use to call ourselves the traffic lights.

This is me at a friends house wearing white trousers, black high heal flip flops and a black shirt. I always think I look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever in this photo.

Here I am in a cottage in Ireland doing my Posh Spice pose. I'm wearing a turquoise mini skirt and a blue, green and white stripe top.

Still in Ireland and I'm wearing that black shirt again with red jeans and black and white Addidas trainers.

Here I am back in the cottage wearing those red jeans and a red, black and white jumper which was itchy and drove me mad.

Finally, here I am at a bowling place in Salford wearing my Tribute to Bewitched. That's right Bee's a bit of denim on denim action, I'm also wearing a maroon top and some sexy bowling shoes.

There you go, a blast from the past of fashion. Do you guys have any photos of past fashions? Maybe some you regret, maybe some you love? Post some pictures in the comments or post me a link to one of your posts.

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