Mini Primark Haul

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hey Honeybees!

At the weekend Mr Honeybee and I went to the cinema to see Guardians of the Galaxy. We wanted to take some drinks with us as the prices at the cinema are ridiculous. The cinema don't approve of this so you have to sneak them in. Now my bag was too small to sneak them in so Mr Honeybee said I'd have to get a new bag, I didn't disagree. So we nipped to the lovely Primark and I picked up a new bag and a couple of tops to sleep in. 

Primark - £8

I bought a navy blue satchel style bag for £8. It has two pockets, a small one at the front that you can actually get quite a bit in and a larger pocket for the main compartment. The main pocket has a zip pocket at the back and two small pockets at the front one for your phone and a spare.As you can see it has two fake buckles and a twist lock which seem to be on a lot of bags at the moment. The detail is cut out in a wavy pattern it's kind of like broderie anglaise. The bag has a long strap and a hand strap. You can get the bag in other colours to, in comes in black, brown and I think beige if you don't like navy.

As you probably know it's been really warm in the UK recently and at night it's been muggy, sweaty and hard to sleep. I'm not a fan of sleeping naked so I got myself a couple of sleeveless tops to go with shorts I already have.

Primark - £4

The first one is a Batman top in Pink that cost £4. I think they have bottoms to match but I didn't need any more bottoms. The sizing is generous, I'm a size 22-24 usually but I got this in a size 18-20 and there is plenty of room. The pink is a really lovely colour it's kind of a blue tone pink. 

Primark - £3.50

The next one is this denim colour top with a boxer dog on, this one cost £3.50. Again I think there are bottoms to match and it's a generous size 18-20.

That's all I got from Primark this time. Have you picked up anything from Primark recently? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I really like that satchel you bought, would be such a nice purse to have


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