Nineties Hen Party

Sunday, 31 August 2014

 Hey Honeybees!

This weekend I had the honour of attending my friend Jenni's hen party. The hen night was a nineties night at a hotel and spa called Village hotel. 

We started the night in the Bride to Be's room having some drinks and food.

The Bride to be and I.

To get us ready to have a good night we played a couple of games. The first being we all took two things from our handbags and put them in a bag for the B2B to pick them out and guess who they belong to. Of course we had to play Mr and Mrs, Jenni's sister had asked the G2B some questions and Jenni had to match her answers to the H2B. 
My favourite game has to be making a dress out of toilet paper for Jenni.  We decided once this outfit was complete that the bride needed to walk down an aisle. We all went into the hotel corridor and started singing here comes the bride when we realised no one had brought the key for the room. Two of the party had to go down to reception barefoot to get another key.

TP fun

After the fun and games it was time to get ready for the evenings events. As it was a nineties evening we had decided to dress up as pop stars from the nineties. I went as Britney Spears, Jenni as baby spice and we also had Scary and Ginger spice and Madonna,

The night started with drinks and a three course meal, Potato and leek soup for starters, chicken vegetables, mash and gravy for the main and profiteroles for pudding. 

After the meal there was a disco, playing classic cheese pop like Steps, 5ive, and the Spice Girls amongst others.

Through the night we kept ourselves topped up with cocktails. We got a jug of a cocktail called Purple Rain which tasted like the sweets parma violets 

When the night ended we all headed back to our rooms where I ordered a rather delicious pizza from room service.

That was the end of a rather lovely weekend I'm so glad i was invited.

So that was a little glimpse into my weekend I hope you enjoyed it.
What is your favourite thing about Hen nights?

Thanks for reading and following. xx


4 Responses to “Nineties Hen Party”

  1. What a great way to celebrate your friends new direction in life. Looks like a scream!

  2. Great night never laughed so much and the fancy dress made it more memorable you looked great room service was yummmmmmy lol xxxx

    1. We all looked great and I enjoyed it even more because you were there. Xx


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