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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Being Plus size, overweight or fat, whatever you want to call it, it's hard to find fashionable clothes that fit you and even harder when you're on a budget. 
Fashion brands seem to think being overweight means you have no fashion sense supplying us with either plain boring staple items or really hideous Granified outfits.Well that not true! we want the same as slim people except with a bit more material.

This being said it is better than it use to be and there are shops that are trying to cater more for plus size women. Here are some of my favourite places to shop and what I think of them.

Asos Curve

Asos is one of my favourites, it does ladies clothing in sizes 18-28 UK. They have quite a large range of modern, fashionable clothes at reasonable prices I've bought quite a lot of things from here. One of my favourite things they do are plus size tights. As far as I know even the largest sizes in supermarkets and drug-stores would only fit up to size 18 and that's at a stretch. I've had tights like that and they spend the whole time that you wear them rolling down and the gusset is usually round my knees. I was so glad when I found out asos did them.

Asos Curve

New look are another excellent place to get plus size clothes, they do sizes 18-32. Again most of the range is good I think the best thing they do are dresses. They could do with adding more leggings, a plus size underwear section and on-line they say they have plus size tights but they don't which is disappointing.

New Look Inspire

Yours clothing is mostly plus size clothing they sell sizes 14-36. Some of what they do is not really my style and slightly dated. But what they do, do well is Kimonos, leggings, underwear and tights. The clothes are also reasonably priced. 

Yours Clothing

Simply Be

Simply Be is another website/store that mainly stocks plus size clothes, they do sizes 12-32. They do lots of clothes some are a bit dated but there are a lot of modern Pretty things. Things they do well are dresses and boots, you can actually get boots that will fit round your legs. The only downside is that the clothes can be pricey, they are good quality though. I usually check them out when there's a sale on.

Simply Be

Boohoo is quite a newcomer to the Plus size world, they do sizes 16-24. They don't do a large range at the moment but they do, do pretty modern clothes similar to their regular size range. All their clothes are reasonably priced for example they have dresses for £15.

Boohoo Plus

Evans is a long running plus size store they do sizes 14-32. I'm not the biggest fan of Evans, I'm not sure what their customer market is, their clothes seem dated, in fact I struggled to find anything I like on their website to post photos on my blog. I also find them to be really expensive for the quality of the clothes.


I've never bought anything from Pink Clove but they seem to have a good range of clothing in sizes 16-32.They also seem to have low prices as well, it's definitely worth a look.

Pink Clove

Another brand I haven't tried yet but looks good is Forever 21 they do sizes up to 24. The prices are good most of the dresses are under £25.

Forever 21

H & M have a small plus size section with sizes up to 28. Most of it is basic clothing in basic colours but they do have a few nice pieces. 

H & M

Dorothy Perkins has always been one of my favourites but they only do up to a size 22. Their clothes are always good quality and fairly priced. I just wish they had larger clothes maybe a plus size range.

Dorothy Perkins


Most of the supermarkets like Sainsburys and Tesco do up to a size 22 except Asda who have some in size 24, Supermarkets are definitely getting better with plus sizes but they don't always have many in stock.

George at Asda

Tesco F & F
There are some of the plus size brands I know of, it's not many really is it? Why can't all shops do up to at least size 30. We are all big for different reasons but being obese is still seen as taboo and they don't want to be seen to be condoning being over weight. I can see why they do this but us big girls still have to be clothed.

What do you think of the plus size clothes available? Do you know of any others?

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  1. It can be hard when you are a plus size to find nice and affordable clothes but it is getting better, I get a lot of mine in the supermarkets and also Primark do go up to a size 20 :)

    Pam @

    1. Hey,
      I'm too big for Primark at the Moment I can fit it their pj's though. I mainly go there for accessories jewellery, shoes and bags. xx

  2. Didnt no about half these shops will have a look on there websites thanks xx

    1. You're welcome hun. Xx I'm always on the look out for new plus size shops. Xx


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