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No One's Perfect Tag

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Recently I've noticed that a lot of young girls are comparing themselves to others like bloggers, Youtubers and celebrities. No one is perfect and to compare yourselves to other people is silly. They may be slim or have gorgeous hair but they're not perfect. We all have something wrong with us or make mistakes so just because we don't have their wonderful body or hair, it doesn't mean you're not amazing. 

I've created this Tag to show people we are all human and being unhappy because you're not as good as someone else shouldn't happen. You are not alone we are all imperfect. 

1. If you could change one physical thing about yourself what would it be and why?
E,g Nose, Teeth, Bum, Hair.

It's hard to pick just one thing but I guess I'd pick a bigger top lip. I know it sounds strange but when I put lipstick/lip gloss on you can hardly see it and I think it looks a bit odd.

2. If you could change one thing about your personality what would it be and why?
E.g Grumpiness, Bossiness. 

I don't think I'd change anything about my personality. Yes I'm grumpy, stubborn and sarcastic but I kind of like that, it's a shame no one else does, lol.

3. What bad habits do you have?
E.g Nose picking, Farting, Scratching your bum.

I have to admit I am a big farter, my Mum and Mr Honeybee inform me they stink. Mr Honeybee says it smells like a rat has climbed up my bum and died.

4. Have you ever done anything embarrassing in public?
E.g Falling over, Skirt in knickers, Toilet paper on your shoe.

Millions of times! One that sticks in my mind is one winter, I was heading into a McDonalds and it was icy. You can guess what happened I ended up on my backside in the style of Kevin slipping on the ice in Home Alone. I gave everyone sitting in the front window a good old laugh.

5. Who is your weird/guilty crush?
E.g Borris Johnson, Jeremy Clarkson.

I don't know if I have a weird crush, does Matt Richardson count. Him who did xtra factor with Caroline Flack.

6. Do you have bad hair days?
(Add a photo of a specific bad hairstyle you had)

Only on days that end in Y.

7. What is the worst make up mistake you have ever made? 
(Add a photo of a time you had dodgy make up)

It has to be that old favourite, blue eye shadow.

8. Is there a specific outfit you regret wearing?
(Add a picture of the outfit in question)

Yep, not because it was hideous but because I spent the whole evening trying to keep my Breasts and bra inside. I had to use badges to keep my dress attached to my bra.

9. Have you ever lost or broken something that belonged to someone else?

I think I've broken friends jewellery before. I've certainly kept peoples things when they have lent me them. I still have a primary school book in the style of Janet and John.

10. Name one thing that you regret?

Probably not working harder at school but not much I don't really regret anything.

11. Name one thing you can't do?
E.g Cook, Draw, Sing.

There are many things I cant do but one thing I can't do that I wish I could is draw.

12. What has been the most awkward situation you've had with someone of the opposite sex?

All of them, I can't think of anything specific.

13. Have you ever had weight issues?
E.g Too fat, Too Thin.

Forever too Fat. I'm not just a couple of pounds over weight like some girls worry about. I'm stones over weight don't worry about a couple of pounds you can lose them over night.

14. Have you ever failed a test/exam?

Loads! GCSE wise I got an E in German and an F in Social science. I thought it was the end of the world and guess what, it wasn't. Tests can always be retaken if you want to.

15. Have you ever made a mistake at work/college/university?

At work definitely. I use to work in a shop and I gave too much change out all the time.Sometimes if people paid by card I gave away things free by mistake.


Lets end on a good note with a positive question.

16. Tell us one thing that makes you, you. Something you are proud of?
E.g Good sense of humour, caring, good at sports.

I really like my sense of humour and being sarcastic.

I hope this tag and my answers make you realise you don't have to be perfect you just have to be you!

I really hope others do this tag to help girls with low confidence. You can either do it on your blog or make a Youtube video for your channel. I tag all bloggers and vloggers but I especially want to tag:

Thanks for reading Honeybees! Please share this with any Bloggers or Vloggers you know. xx

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Primark & George mini haul

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Hey Honeybees!

If you read my last Primark haul, you'll know that I had a faulty necklace to return. I swapped that necklace and bought another one to, as well as some earrings. 

Primark - £5
This is like the statement necklace I had to return as there was a stone missing, but this one is fine and cost £5. As you can see it has pale pink, grey with clear stones on a chunky gunmetal colour chain. I bought this for a wedding I'm going to at the end of the month it will go well with my dress.

Primark - £5
This next necklace is what you would call a bib necklace I think. The chunky chain is gold, the stones are a lovely turquoise colour and it has navy blue rope/thread running through it. I really like this and the colours are perfect for Autumn colours. 

Primark - £1
I got another pair of large round studded earrings for £1. This time they are framed with gold, the centre stone is a red/burgundy colour, also perfect for Autumn.

As well as Primark I made a trip to Asda to look at the George range. I didn't find any clothes I liked but I did find a bag and some knickers, that's right knickers. If you don't want to see my knickers then stop reading/looking after the handbag.

George at Asda - £10

How cute is this teal satchel? It has little foxes on! It's quite a large satchel with a pocket at the front as well as a phone pocket and zip pocket inside. This little beauty cost just £10 and I think it's perfect for Autumn. I appear to be addicted to Autumn, it is my favourite season though.

The last things I got are some character knickers which were on offer 3 for £6 or £2.50 each.

George at Asda - 3 for £6
That's right Ladies and Gents whenever you see me out and about I could be wearing one of these awesome pair of undies. From the top left I chose, some with Tom & Jerry on, some that have Grumpy from the seven dwarfs on, a pair of Wonder woman pants, a pair with Minnie Mouse shoes on, a pair with Betty Boop and finally some with Animal on. I love a bright pair of Knick Knacks. 

That's all I bought this time what do you guys think? What is your favourite thing that I bought? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading this post and for following my blog. Love you Honeybees! xx

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OOTD - Boohoo skirt

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hey Honeybees!

I have a short outfit of the day for you today. On Sunday I wore a  black t-shirt, floral shoes and black footless tights. I've talked about these clothes before on the blog, If you would like more information on those check back at my Previous OOTD

What is this post about then? I hear you ask. Well, it's all about a skirt, a Boohoo skirt.

Boohoo - £12

The skirt I'm wearing is from Boohoo plus and it cost £12. It's a Jenna Large floral skater skirt In the colours black, yellow, turquoise and pale pink. It is a soft, pleated material and it comes with a thin brown belt. All though my belt was way too small for the skirt. I got a size 24 skirt but the belt would fit someone size ten. I love the skirt but I am disappointed about the belt. 

There you go, short and sweet as I said, what do you think of the skirt?

Have you ever got something you're disappointed with? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading and following. See you all soon. xx

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OOTD - Daisies

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hey Honeybees!

It's time for another OOTD , today I fancied something bright and cheerful, an antidote to the current miserable weather. 

The daisy dress I'm wearing is from the Boohoo plus range. The base colour of the dress is black with lots of pretty daisies on top. At the moment this dress is in the Boohoo sale for just £14. 

Boohoo Plus - £14
On my little tootsies I am wearing some nude patent ballet flats that I got from Primark for £6. On the label it says they are a wide fit, now I have thin feet (It's the only part of me that is thin) but these are quite tight I'd recommend sizing up.

Primark - £6
My Earrings are from Primark They were just one English pound and I think they are quite classy.

Primark - £1
My necklace is also from Primark It was £3, Its Navy blue and gold chevrons.  

Primark - £3
My last bit of jewellery is a chunky Silver t-bar heart bracelet also from Primarni for £2.

Primark - £2
I also wore the black footless asos tights that I've talked about before which were £6 I think.

I'm really loving dresses at the moment, I'm trying to make myself more lady like. What clothes are you enjoying at the moment?

Thanks so much for reading and following you pretty little Honeybees. xx

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Primark Mini Haul

Hey Honeybees!

This may be hard for you to believe but I went to Primark. On Sunday I made an unscheduled trip to Primark as Mr Honeybee had something to return. I figured it would be rude to go and not buy anything, so I did.  I got some earrings, a necklace (well, I got two but one is broken so that's going back)  a bracelet, some false nails and a pair of shoes. 

I bought two pairs of large stud earrings, both the same just in different colours. They are a oval shape framed with silver and in the middle is a stone. I got a pair in pale pink and a pair in turquoise, they cost just a pound each.

Primark £1 each
The necklace I picked up is navy blue and gold chevrons on a gold chain. I think it's a bit Aztec and unusual, it cost £3.

Primark - £3
The next thing I got is a chunky silver T-bar Heart bracelet. I bought this because it reminds me of a bracelet I had when I was a teenager.  The heart has faux diamonds on, which makes it a bit different.This bracelet cost £2

Primsrk - £2

Moving on from Jewellery, I got some false nails. They have a black base with Daisies on. I actually have a dress they'll match perfectly and for £1 they're worth a try.

Primark - £1

The last thing I bought was a pair of flat ballerina shoes. The shoes are patent ,nude with bows on the front. I love patent shoes I don't know why but they always catch my eye. These cute little numbers cost £6

Primark - £6

There you go, there's all my purchases from this visit. What do you think?

Please leave me a comment telling me what you've bought from Primark recently.

Thanks for reading and welcome to my new Honeybees. xx


August Random Favourites

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Here are my random favourites from August, they include films, TV, Netflix and Youtuber channels.


A film I loved this Month is Guardians Of The Galaxy. Guardians of the Galaxy is a story about a boy who gets abducted with his Walkman and mix tape by Aliens in the eighties and 26 years later is being pursued by Ronan the accuser to take an orb Peter has in his possession. Peter joins forces with four other characters Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax to stop Ronan getting hold of the orb. This film is really funny and has a great story as well as great characters. My Favourite character has to be Groot played by Vin diesel a rather large tree that only says "I am Groot" Another amazing thing about the film is the music he plays on his Walkman it is an amazing mix tape with some awesome tunes. If you haven't seen this film make sure you do, it will leave you with a smile on your face, Guardians of the galaxy also stars Chris Pratt as Peter and Bradley Cooper as Rocket.


One of my Favourite TV shows returned this month The Great British Bake off. This time Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are Judging peoples creations on BBC1. I love everything about this show Mel and Sue, Mary and Paul, the baking, and especially when the baking doesn't turn out or the contestants drop a cake or something like that, it makes me giggle. 


Something I'm enjoying on Netflix at the moment is a TV show called White Collar. It's about an art thief/conman Neil Caffery who is released from prison on a tag under the condition that he helps FBI Special Agent Peter Burke the Agent who caught him, to solve other white collar crimes. White Collar stars Jeff Eastin, Matt Bomer, Tiffany Thiessen of Saved By The Bell fame and Willie Garson who played Stanford In Sex & The City.

Youtube Channels

My first favourite channel is It's Em Channel This channel is about plus size fashion, beauty and Em also vlogs. She definitely deserves more subscribers.

My second favourite channel is the Saccone Jolys This channel is a vlogging channel about Dad Jonathan, Mum Anna, toddler Emillia, baby Eduardo and their six dogs. The children Emillia and Eduardo have to be two of the cutest children in the world. Emillia is so funny and every time I see her cute little face I smile.  As for Jonathan and Anna they have to up for the award best Parents ever they are so loving towards their children you can see it beaming out of them. I actually would like them to be my parents even though I'm older. If you haven't seen them you really should they could cheer anyone up.

Jonathan & Eduardo

Well those are my random favourites from August, what have yours been?

Thanks for reading and following, hope you visit again soon. xx


August Beauty Favourites

Hey Honeybees!

It's me again! This time I'm going to tell you about some of my favourite beauty products from this month. I'll start with two lip glosses I got from Tanya Burr. I got the Chic lip gloss which is a pale peachy nude colour. I also got the Picnic in the park which is quite a bright pink colour. They both are really lovely to wear and they last quite a while. I'm sure they taste and smell of Candy floss, which is really nice. They are being sold For £4.66 at the moment in Superdrug.

Tanya Burr - Picnic in the park

Tanya Burr - Chic 
Left - Party in the Park & Right = Chic
The next Think I Love are the Real techniques Core collection brush set priced at £20.99 at Superdrug. You get one Powder brush, one liquid foundation brush, a highlighter/blush brush and a concealer or lipstick brush. I also bought an eye shadow Shading brush for £6.99 from Superdrug. I love the powder and highlighter brush best they are so soft on the skin.

Superdrug - £20.99

My last favourite Beauty product this month is the Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body wash which was £6.50 from Boots. It smells absolutely gorgeous  but it smells more like a tangerine to me. After I used the wash in the shower my skin was so soft I couldn't believe it.

Boots - £4.50

Those are three of my favourites this month, what have you enjoyed in August?

Thanks for reading & following my blog you lovely Honeybees. xx

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OOTD - Black stripes

Monday, 1 September 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Here's another OOTD for you guys, I wore this the day after the hen do I attended. I wanted something comfy to wear as I had a slight hangover and this outfit fit the bill.

The black t-shirt I'm wearing is from New Look Inspire I recently blogged about it, so check out that post if you'd like more details. Also from New Look Inspire is the black sheer stripe Kimono I'm wearing. I really like this it feels so nice to wear, it cost just £17.99.

New Look - £17.99

The trousers I'm wearing are from Yours clothing they are black, pink and purple floral harem trousers and they cost £18. They are really comfy and they are elasticated around the waist which feels nice around the tummy.

Yours clothing - £18
Jewellery that I wore was a silver and pink stretch cameo ring with a flower on, I can't remember where I got this from but I think it was Sainsburys. My earrings are from Primark they are tear drop earrings in gold and peach. Finally the necklace I'm wearing is also from Primark, Its a chunky gold, pink with a touch of turquoise necklace.

What do you think of my OOTD, what do you like to wear for comfort?

Thank you so much for reading and following Honeybees I appreciate everyone of you. xx

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