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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hey Honeybees!

My hair pretty much drives me nuts all the time, so I decided to have a look for some help on I'd seen a video on Youtube by Zoella (I love her) and she had something called a Tangle Teezer which I had never heard of.£10.20

Tangle Teezer original professional de-tangling hairbrush was designed by a hairdresser called Shaun P who decided he was sick of it being hard to brush his clients hair. I have to say this is the best £10.20 I have ever spent. Is it wrong to be in love with a hairbrush? My hair has recently become the knottiest thing in history. This brush which I'm currently kissing, gratefully, is an absolute Godsend. I can't recommend this highly enough, it glides through your hair right from the first stroke. No more screaming because knots hurt, no more time wasting trying to get just one knot out. This is the future, I think it would be great for kids to, no more cries of "Mum you're hurting me!"  OK gushing over. I love you Tangle Teezer!

My hair also has zero volume! I tend to use the sleep in rollers for special occasions but I don't fancy doing that everyday. After a visit to the hairdressers I thought I'd look for a back-combing brush. Sleep In Rollers make one so I bought one for £4.50. £4.50

I think it's going to take me a while to get the hang of back-combing, the hairdresser made it look easy. 

After my trip to the hairdressers I wanted to get something that gave my hair texture and make the layers more obvious. £15.95

I ordered the Pureology serious colour care highlight stylist sea-kissed texturiser (that was a mouthful). I didn't realise it was for highlighted hair when I bought it, I'm not sure if that matters or not. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right (that's what he said) it doesn't appear to look any different when I use it. I'll have to look into it more. On the plus size it smells really nice I just hope I figure out how to use it especially at the price of £15.95.

Free-stuff! That's right people you get some free goodies when you spend over a certain amount and you can choose which ones you want.!

The first product I got free you couldn't choose, it's the Pureology Gold definer. It's not much use to me but I'm sure all you blonde ladies would love it. It's a large free sample at 30ml.
The next freebie I chose was a perfume sample. The BVLGARI OMINIA Indian Garnet 0.005 fl oz. It's not my sort of scent but it is a clean smelling perfume.
The last thing I chose was VICHY IDEALIA Life Serum 3ml. It smells a bit weird to me I Can't put my finger on the scent. It feels nice on the skin and it shimmers which is nice.

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Thanks for reading
Melissa(Honeybee Chatter) xx

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Superdrug Haul Pt2

Hey Honeybees!

It's time for part two of my Superdrug hall. This time I'll show you skincare and bathing products.

I wanted to find a moisturiser for my face to go under my make-up on a daily basis. I picked up the Nivea Daily Essentials Tinted moisturising day cream.

Superdrug- £2.39

I bought this in a natural colour, it's £2.39 for 50 ml. It can be used on all skin types and they state it evens skin tone and helps enhance skins natural glow.  It contains vitamins and Hydra IQ with an SPF 8. 

Moving on to face, feet and scrub. We all need to wash unless you like smelling of B.O, so why not wash yourself with something delicious like I Love... Strawberries & Cream.

Superdrug- £2.99

I could smell this product all day long and probably lick myself in a none sexual way to. This 200 ml ex-foliating shower smoothie is a bargain at £2.99.

Superdrug- £2.59

I've never tried a face mask before, yes I know I've lived a sheltered life. The reason being I have sensitive skin and eczema and I didn't fancy my face turning bright red with a rash. I really wanted to try one though so I had a look and spotted this, cucumber peel-off mask. I figure cucumber can't do you any harm. It is for all skin types and is meant to leave you with a refreshed look.  It really does smell like cucumber so your face will smell like a salad!  This cost £2.59 for 75 ml which isn't too bad.

Superdrug- £3.99

Poor old feet don't half get battered everyday and they really should be looked after. I have to confess I'm guilty of neglecting my little trotters. I get a lot of hard skin (yes I know ewe) so  I purchased the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula foot magic. I didn't know when I bought it but this product is peppermint oil and mango butter. I love mango but I'm not a fan of mint, it smells really strongly of mint so if you're a mint fan you'll probably like it. It contains vitamin E and it's £3.99 for 60g. 

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Thanks for reading
Melissa(Honeybee Chatter) xx

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Superdrug Haul pt 1

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hey Honeybees!

I have to admit that when I go to Superdrug I go slightly mad and go wild in the Aisles. That shop just does something to me (nothing rude, get your minds out of the gutter), all those make-up, skincare, hair and fragrance products. I also get my eyebrows threaded there, if you're interested and they do a great job. 

Let's start with the make-up goodies I bought. After watching some Youtube beauty channels I decided to buy a couple of eye-shadow pallets.

First I bought a pallet by Sleek MakeUP, the i-Divine oh so special Palette. It contains twelve 1.1g mineral based eye shadows. 


Prices may very depending where it is sold but I paid £7.99 at Superdrug.
I also picked up a Barry M palette, this one is a shadow and glow palette. It's called the summer love palette and comes with six pastel eye shadows and a dewy highlighter.


I got this for £6.49 in Superdrug, but obviously you can pick it up off the Barry M website to.

As you may know Superdrug are celebrating their 50th Birthday this year. To celebrate they have collaborated with some make-up brands to bring us some 50th Birthday special Products.

They firstly have teamed up with Barry M to make a nail paint. It's simply called Birthday Superdrug 408. The colour is bright pink Glitter and it cost £2.99 


They also teamed up with Max Factor to make a mascara. It's called clump defy and comes in black. I love the packaging on this again it's bright pink but it has white polka dots to.This is priced at £7.99 which isn't bad at all for a mascara.


The last bit of make-up I picked up was two Maybeline Color Show nail polishes (I really want to spell colour the English way, but it says color on the bottle with it being an American company so I had to give in).

Superdrug- £3.99 each

I chose the Street Artist Alley Attitude, which is a black and blue topcoat and light up which is silver and rainbow in colour. They're priced at £3.99 each

That's part one of my Superdrug haul, part two is to follow soon.

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Melissa (Honeybee Chatter) xx

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Primark Accessories Haul

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hey Honeybees

Here it is, the Primark accessories haul I promised you in my last post. Handbags and shoes are most girls best friends so I thought I'd get myself some new friends when I popped in to my local store.

I'll begin with the shoes, I picked up a pair of Plimsolls and some Birkenstock style sandals. 

The Birkenstock copy's were the first thing I spotted. I liked the colour, they're in a nude/tan sort of colour and the buckles are also this colour. I think they would go perfect with any summer outfit as they are so neautral. The price of £6 is amazing, especially if you compare it to the price of Birkenstocks.

I then had a look at the plimsolls section as I had bought a pair in pink and grey leopard print previously and wanted to see if they had any others in a different print. I found some in white, coral and grey with an Aztec print. These were an absolute bargain at just £3 and they are so comfortable to wear.

Primark- £3

I also bought a couple of handbags, one for each shoulder, which is normal right?

The first one is a satchel style bag in pale pink stripes. It has a main pocket with a zip up pocket in the back and a front pocket with a see through part on the front.  I guess you could put a photo in there but i think I'll keep mine empty. I also realised when I got home I already have one except its black and white, I guess I really like this bag. Primark charge £9 for this bag which I think is pretty standard for their bags.

Primark- £9

The other bag is a powder blue shoulder bag. It looks like it has been weaved and has a silver twist-lock. Inside there is one pocket with a zip pocket in the bag. It's quite a flat bag so it isn't meant to be used as a Mary Poppin's style bag. This one is priced at £8 which is good considering the detail. I love it but my Other Half Mr Honeybee says it looks like a Margaret Thatcher bag, men!


Finally, I got some new Jim-jams, one matching set and two pairs of bottoms. 

The matching pair are unicorn themed Pj's, they are pink, white and turquoise with black and silver ribbon to hold the bottoms up.The top is pale pink with a unicorn and clouds on and the writing says "Be yourself and if you cant be yourself then be a unicorn". The bottoms are turquoise with lots of lovely Unicorns on and at the bottom they are elasticated. The top is £4 and the bottoms are £5.

Primark- £4

Primark- £5

You can't have too many Jim jam bottoms so I got two pairs. The first pair are turquoise with hot air balloons on they are in a legging style and they are elasticated at the bottom. They also have pockets, I don't know what for, tissues maybe. 
Then the other pair are white and peach with boats printed on, some the right way up some upside down, perhaps they're sinking. Again they are leggings with an elasticated bottoms. The balloon ones cost £5 and the boat ones are £6 I think. 

Primark-£5 & £6

I know this has been a long blog so if you got to the end well done.
Thanks for reading
Melissa (Honeybee Chatter) xx

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Primark Jewellery Haul

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Last weekend I took a trip To Primark for a good old nosey. Now I can't buy clothes from Primark as they don't do my size, which is really annoying. They do up to size 18-20 which is better than most shops which only go up to size 16 but I think Primark are missing a trick not catering for us bigger girls. Big girls like cheap clothes to Primark, get it sorted will you.

What I do get from Primark is accessories and last weekend I picked up quite a few. I'm going to show you what jewellery finds I got in this post and then the rest of my purchases like bags, shoes etc will go in another post.

Lets start with earrings, I bought three pairs, one pair of diamant√© bow studs. one silver leaf shaped drop earrings and one pair in gold and pink drop earrings.

Primark- £1
Primark- £1.50
Primark- £1.50

I saw the bow earrings on a YouTube channel called Zoella / she also has a blog When I saw them I knew I had to track them down. They are quite a large stud and are perfect to go with any outfit, day or evening wear. For the price of £1 why not treat yourself.

The silver drop earrings priced at just £1.50 are really pretty. They are shaped like a leaf with two pearl like stones on each, one larger than the other. The silver pattern is really detailed and they are light weight to wear.

The last pair I bought are gold with stones in peach, diamanté and pink in a tear-drop shape. These caught my attention because of the colour I think they're perfect for summer.

Whilst in the jewellery section I also picked up a couple of statement necklaces.
Primark- £4

The first necklace priced at £4 is a chunky gold metal. It has bright pink stones and some turquoise running through it. It's quite heavy so it might annoy some people plus some might think it's a bit chavvy but I think it's pretty and would go with a lot of summer outfits. 

The other is a more delicate necklace. It's in pastel shades of pink, blue white and a bronze colour. The stones are set in a half flower shape which is really pretty.This was slightly dearer at £6 but still a bargain anyway.

So, there you go that's all the jewellery I got, what do you think? Will you be nipping to Primark to buy any of these goodies?  Let me know if you think this is a good thing to blog about, as you know Primark don't have an on-line shop so posts like this give you a chance to see what they have got before you go into store.

Please post any comments or questions you have below and if you liked this post please share because sharing is caring. Also if you haven't already please follow my blog.

Thanks for reading
Melissa(Honeybee Chatter) xx


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Welcome to Honeybee Chatter

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hey Honeybees

Welcome to my new blog. I thought I'd tell you in this first post what exactly I'm going to be blogging about. That way you can decide whether or not you want to follow my blog. 

Firstly. I'm a big girl so I'll be talking about any plus size clothing I buy. So I might do some clothing hauls so you can have a nosey and see if there's anything you might wear and like to buy. I may also talk about the best plus size selling shops or issues I have with being plus sized.

I'll also be talking about make up I buy, what I think of the product and if I'd buy them again. I'll also be doing the same for skincare and bathing products. I'd like to say I'm no expert so this will just be my opinion and not expert advice. 

As well as all those things I'll be talking about accessories, like, Jewellery, shoes and Handbags.

Then sometimes I'll talk about my life for example if I go on a day out or to a party etc.  Plus I may talk about serious subjects that affect my life like depression, anxiety or other illnesses that affect my family. 

Sometimes I'll talk about random stuff, actually I'll probably do that a lot as I do tend to go off on a tangent. 

So there you go that's going to be my blog in a nutshell. What do you think? If it sounds good to you then please follow my blog. Also I'd like to hear any comments you have, do you have any other ideas you think I should blog about. I'd love your feedback.

Thanks for reading
Melissa (Honeybee Chatter) xx

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