Primark Accessories Haul

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hey Honeybees

Here it is, the Primark accessories haul I promised you in my last post. Handbags and shoes are most girls best friends so I thought I'd get myself some new friends when I popped in to my local store.

I'll begin with the shoes, I picked up a pair of Plimsolls and some Birkenstock style sandals. 

The Birkenstock copy's were the first thing I spotted. I liked the colour, they're in a nude/tan sort of colour and the buckles are also this colour. I think they would go perfect with any summer outfit as they are so neautral. The price of £6 is amazing, especially if you compare it to the price of Birkenstocks.

I then had a look at the plimsolls section as I had bought a pair in pink and grey leopard print previously and wanted to see if they had any others in a different print. I found some in white, coral and grey with an Aztec print. These were an absolute bargain at just £3 and they are so comfortable to wear.

Primark- £3

I also bought a couple of handbags, one for each shoulder, which is normal right?

The first one is a satchel style bag in pale pink stripes. It has a main pocket with a zip up pocket in the back and a front pocket with a see through part on the front.  I guess you could put a photo in there but i think I'll keep mine empty. I also realised when I got home I already have one except its black and white, I guess I really like this bag. Primark charge £9 for this bag which I think is pretty standard for their bags.

Primark- £9

The other bag is a powder blue shoulder bag. It looks like it has been weaved and has a silver twist-lock. Inside there is one pocket with a zip pocket in the bag. It's quite a flat bag so it isn't meant to be used as a Mary Poppin's style bag. This one is priced at £8 which is good considering the detail. I love it but my Other Half Mr Honeybee says it looks like a Margaret Thatcher bag, men!


Finally, I got some new Jim-jams, one matching set and two pairs of bottoms. 

The matching pair are unicorn themed Pj's, they are pink, white and turquoise with black and silver ribbon to hold the bottoms up.The top is pale pink with a unicorn and clouds on and the writing says "Be yourself and if you cant be yourself then be a unicorn". The bottoms are turquoise with lots of lovely Unicorns on and at the bottom they are elasticated. The top is £4 and the bottoms are £5.

Primark- £4

Primark- £5

You can't have too many Jim jam bottoms so I got two pairs. The first pair are turquoise with hot air balloons on they are in a legging style and they are elasticated at the bottom. They also have pockets, I don't know what for, tissues maybe. 
Then the other pair are white and peach with boats printed on, some the right way up some upside down, perhaps they're sinking. Again they are leggings with an elasticated bottoms. The balloon ones cost £5 and the boat ones are £6 I think. 

Primark-£5 & £6

I know this has been a long blog so if you got to the end well done.
Thanks for reading
Melissa (Honeybee Chatter) xx

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