Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hey Honeybees!

My hair pretty much drives me nuts all the time, so I decided to have a look for some help on Feelunique.com I'd seen a video on Youtube by Zoella (I love her) https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390/videos and she had something called a Tangle Teezer which I had never heard of.


Tangle Teezer original professional de-tangling hairbrush was designed by a hairdresser called Shaun P who decided he was sick of it being hard to brush his clients hair. I have to say this is the best £10.20 I have ever spent. Is it wrong to be in love with a hairbrush? My hair has recently become the knottiest thing in history. This brush which I'm currently kissing, gratefully, is an absolute Godsend. I can't recommend this highly enough, it glides through your hair right from the first stroke. No more screaming because knots hurt, no more time wasting trying to get just one knot out. This is the future, I think it would be great for kids to, no more cries of "Mum you're hurting me!"  OK gushing over. I love you Tangle Teezer!

My hair also has zero volume! I tend to use the sleep in rollers for special occasions but I don't fancy doing that everyday. After a visit to the hairdressers I thought I'd look for a back-combing brush. Sleep In Rollers make one so I bought one for £4.50.

Feelunique.com- £4.50

I think it's going to take me a while to get the hang of back-combing, the hairdresser made it look easy. 

After my trip to the hairdressers I wanted to get something that gave my hair texture and make the layers more obvious.

Feelubique.com- £15.95

I ordered the Pureology serious colour care highlight stylist sea-kissed texturiser (that was a mouthful). I didn't realise it was for highlighted hair when I bought it, I'm not sure if that matters or not. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right (that's what he said) it doesn't appear to look any different when I use it. I'll have to look into it more. On the plus size it smells really nice I just hope I figure out how to use it especially at the price of £15.95.

Free-stuff! That's right people you get some free goodies when you spend over a certain amount and you can choose which ones you want.


The first product I got free you couldn't choose, it's the Pureology Gold definer. It's not much use to me but I'm sure all you blonde ladies would love it. It's a large free sample at 30ml.
The next freebie I chose was a perfume sample. The BVLGARI OMINIA Indian Garnet 0.005 fl oz. It's not my sort of scent but it is a clean smelling perfume.
The last thing I chose was VICHY IDEALIA Life Serum 3ml. It smells a bit weird to me I Can't put my finger on the scent. It feels nice on the skin and it shimmers which is nice.

So those were my first purchases from Feelunique.com, if you liked this post please follow my Blog. You can follow at the top of the blog in the right column.

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Melissa(Honeybee Chatter) xx

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