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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Last weekend I took a trip To Primark for a good old nosey. Now I can't buy clothes from Primark as they don't do my size, which is really annoying. They do up to size 18-20 which is better than most shops which only go up to size 16 but I think Primark are missing a trick not catering for us bigger girls. Big girls like cheap clothes to Primark, get it sorted will you.

What I do get from Primark is accessories and last weekend I picked up quite a few. I'm going to show you what jewellery finds I got in this post and then the rest of my purchases like bags, shoes etc will go in another post.

Lets start with earrings, I bought three pairs, one pair of diamanté bow studs. one silver leaf shaped drop earrings and one pair in gold and pink drop earrings.

Primark- £1
Primark- £1.50
Primark- £1.50

I saw the bow earrings on a YouTube channel called Zoella / she also has a blog When I saw them I knew I had to track them down. They are quite a large stud and are perfect to go with any outfit, day or evening wear. For the price of £1 why not treat yourself.

The silver drop earrings priced at just £1.50 are really pretty. They are shaped like a leaf with two pearl like stones on each, one larger than the other. The silver pattern is really detailed and they are light weight to wear.

The last pair I bought are gold with stones in peach, diamanté and pink in a tear-drop shape. These caught my attention because of the colour I think they're perfect for summer.

Whilst in the jewellery section I also picked up a couple of statement necklaces.
Primark- £4

The first necklace priced at £4 is a chunky gold metal. It has bright pink stones and some turquoise running through it. It's quite heavy so it might annoy some people plus some might think it's a bit chavvy but I think it's pretty and would go with a lot of summer outfits. 

The other is a more delicate necklace. It's in pastel shades of pink, blue white and a bronze colour. The stones are set in a half flower shape which is really pretty.This was slightly dearer at £6 but still a bargain anyway.

So, there you go that's all the jewellery I got, what do you think? Will you be nipping to Primark to buy any of these goodies?  Let me know if you think this is a good thing to blog about, as you know Primark don't have an on-line shop so posts like this give you a chance to see what they have got before you go into store.

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Thanks for reading
Melissa(Honeybee Chatter) xx


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