Hey Honeybees!

I'm buzzing that you stopped by Honeybee Chatter, my little part of the Internet. Allow me to tell you about myself, firstly my name is Melissa I'm from Manchester UK and I'm a Thirty something. I'm engaged to the lovely Mr Honeybee I've been with him for donkey's years now and he is the best thing in my life (I mentioned you! He always complains I don't mention him on here) 

Mr Honeybee and myself.

I live at home with my Mum (yes I know I should have my own home at my age but times are hard and I'm not rich). At the moment I'm her career and I look after her and our dog Charlie. I also have a cat who lives with Mr Honeybee called Django.

Things I love are obviously Fashion and beauty as that's what I blog about but also I love photography, writing, reading Chicklit, American TV, Animals and Christmas. Things I don't love include wasps, chavs, snakes, waiting for things and idiots. 

If you would like to know any more about me, check out my blog posts or send me a comment of what you would like to know.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hopefully following me.
Now buzz off Honeybees. Xx

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