Etherow Park OOTD

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hey Honeybees!

Today Mr Honeybee and I took a stroll around Etherow park. I took the opportunity to wear some of my new clothes that I bought with my Birthday money. 
Etherow park has a beautiful boating lake and lovely woodland walks. There are plenty of birds to feed, ducks and swans mainly so we took a couple of loaves of bread. Etherow has some beautiful spots around the park, there's a large waterfall with some picnic tables near by and also there is some pretty bridges over the water. 
As well as the birds people use the water to sail boats and even drive toy boats, it's a perfect place for families to visit. 

Etherow Park
The weather stayed dry and despite the clouds there was some sunshine around. I decided that a nice dress was a good option to take. I wore a royal blue sleeveless skater dress with a red flower print from the New look Inspire range. I actually bought it off ASOS as they sell New Look on there, it was £14.99. The material is a silky satin and is quite thin so if you want to wear it in autumn/winter I suggest tights and a cardigan.

My Pale pink bomber jacket came from the Boohoo plus range it cost £20. It has three quarter sleeves, and it is also a soft satin/silk. I think the sizing is a bit small so it might be better to size up if you buy one, it also comes in black or blue.

On my legs I wore a pair of Asos Curve 80 denier footless tights that cost £6. I do like these and they do fit but they do still roll down. I'm not sure why, whether it's because I'm fat or because they are a shiny material, either way they drove me mad going round the park. I suggest wearing a pair of Knickers or shorts over them as that seems to keep them where they should be. 
On my feet I wore a pair of ballerina flats with a blue flower pattern that I talked about in a previous post, I got them from Ebay.

My bag, a navy blue satchel came from Primark this has been featured in a previous blog. It also comes in black, brown and beige.

My jewellery is all from Primark and has been featured in another post. My cocktail ring is a white and blue daisy with a silver band, my bracelet is also silver with blue stones and my necklace is also daisy's in dark and light blue on a gold chain.

I really enjoyed walking round with my other half feeding the ducks. Here's the only picture Mr Honeybee would let me take of him.

I hope you enjoyed that what do you guys think of my OOTD? Let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for reading and also thanks and welcome to my new honeybees. xx


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  1. You look lovely Melissa xxxxx Nice to see you happy and smiling. Love you to bits xxxxxx

  2. This is from Dad, BTW xxxxxx I don't have any of these other profiles !!!!

  3. Love the pictures you look lovely loving the dress x

    1. Aww thanks Becky I'm trying to wear more dresses and be more lady like, lol. Xx


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