Christmas Decorating

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hey Honeybees!

On Sunday myself, Mr Honeybee and two of our Christmas helpers put up our 8ft Christmas tree and decorations.The first thing we do before we start decorating is pop on some Christmas tunes.

We always start with the tree, getting it out of the box and straightening the many branches as it's an 8ft fake tree. Once that massive task is done we do my least favourite job, putting the lights on. As the tree is so big we have to put four sets of lights on, two blue and two red.

Next is my favourite bit, getting all the baubles out and laying them out on the table ready to pick and choose which one to hang where.

I'm not sure how many baubles I have but I know it's a lot, you can never have too many in my opinion. It takes a while to get all the baubles on the tree and decide where I want them. But once it's finished I think it's beautiful and magical.

After the tree, we moved onto the room decorations, I have quite a few Christmas ornaments. I have shelves of gingerbread houses, snowmen and Santa's.

After the ornaments we pop a bit of tinsel around the photo frames and we are done.

To thank our helpers we treated them to a Christmas jumper each and for dinner a lovely Pizza whilst watching Disney's Christmas carol.

I hope you liked seeing what we do on our decorating day and the end result.
I'd love to see your tree and decorations leave me a comment on how you do your decorating.

Thanks for reading
Merry Christmas. xx

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