Styles From The Past- 1998 - 2004

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hey Honeybees!

A few weeks ago I did a styles from the past from 1992 - 1997. This time I'll be showing you some of the things I wore from 1998 - 2004.

Twit - ter - woo look at those legs! Oh dear look at that pose I was obviously trying my best model pose out that day. I'm wearing a long sleeve v-neck blue top and a denim mini skirt. The best part of this outfit are the lilac and purple Spice Girls shoes I'm wearing. I don't think they were even my shoes, me and my friend were always swapping clothes and shoes. I have no Idea how I walked in them. Mind you I also had a pair of Buffalo style shoes like the Spice girls had. Unfortunately there are no photos of me in them.

Here I am not wearing my own clothes again, I think the black top with the white and red stripes was mine. The white trainers also in a Spice Girls style (Emma Bunton had some) were my friends and the jeans with sparkly stones at the bottom were also my friends.

Strike a pose! I believe me and my friend were doing a photo shoot for some reason. Here I'm wearing my friends cardigan my own beige suede mini skirt and brown suede knee high boots with beige hearts on, I bought the boots from Faith shoe shop.

Did I ever wear my own clothes? Yep, I'm wearing my friends clothes again. This time I'm wearing a Chinese style red and black satin top and a red and black flower patterned skirt with a split at each side.

In this Picture I've gone from thinking I'm a Spice Girl to thinking I'm an All Saint (I went through a Bewitched stage to). This was my combat trousers stage, I've teamed my grey combats with a black long sleeve Goth looking top.

Here's my Bewitched stage! I have white hair grips in like Lindsey use to wear, four either side of my head. I had black Denim jeans with a pink, glittery, spiky belt that I got from Afflecks Palace and a black halter neck handkerchief hemmed top.

Posing like a boss! I have a twin set here, it's a black cardigan and a lime green vest top. the skirt is beige with cut out bits and an underskirt. The boots are the ones from Faith again.

This is me at my Sisters wedding, I'm wearing some glittery gold high healed sandals, the straps use to tie round my legs. I also have a gold satin skirt, a glittery halter neck top with a glittery long sleeve top over it.

Apparently I thought it was cool to wear jeans that looked like they had gold paint splattered on them. I teamed those bad boys up with a pink and gold sleeveless top.

I'm wearing a rather risky see-through top here in navy, it has a large light blue butterfly on the chest area. My skirt is a red velvet above the knee number. I've teamed them up with some leather knee high wedged boots.

Here I'm wearing the red velvet skirt with a black spaghetti strapped top. It had Broderie Anglais on the chest with turquoise underneath it. 

There you have it another fashion blast from the past. Do any of you Honeybees have any past fashions you would like to share. Post a link in the comments to some of your pictures or maybe a blog post you ave done.

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